There is no known single cause for autism, but it is generally accepted that it is caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism versus in neurotypical children. Researchers are investigating a number of theories, including the links among heredity, genetics and medical problems.

In many families, there appears to be a pattern of autism or related disabilities, further supporting the theory that the disorder has a genetic basis. While no one gene has been identified as causing autism, researchers are searching for irregular segments of genetic code that children with autism may have inherited. It also appears that some children are bone with a susceptibility to autism, but researchers have not yet identified a single “trigger” that causes autism to develop.

Other researchers are investigating the possibility that under certain conditions, a cluster of unstable genes may interfere with brain development, resulting in autism. Still other researchers are investigating problems during pregnancy or delivery as well as environmental factors such as viral infections, metabolic imbalances and exposure to environmental chemicals.

  1. There is probably no single gene or genetic defect that is responsible for autism. Researchers suspect that there a number of different genes that, when combined together, increase the risk of getting autism. The compatibility of autism in monozygotic twins is 30%. A number of studies have found that first-degree relatives of children with autism also have an increased risk of autism spectrum disorders.
  2. In some children, autism is linked to an underlying medical condition. Examples include metabolic disorders, congenital infections, genetic disorders, developmental brain abnormalities and neurologic disorders acquired after birth. These medical disorders alone do not cause autism as most children with these conditions do not have autism.
  3. Environmental factors and exposures may interact with genetic factors to cause an increased risk of autism in some families. Over time, many different theories have been proposed about what causes autism. Some of these theories are no longer accepted, however.
  4. Emotional trauma: Some believed that emotional trauma at an early age, especially bad parenting, was to blame. This theory has been rejected.
  5. Vaccines: Although the mercury preservative used in some vaccines is known to be neurotoxic, the most recent research on this subject does not suggest a specific link between vaccines and autism.


Alternative Treatment for Autism Spectrum – The Tole Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

An early treatment is very important, once had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum should seek for treatment as fast as possible. An early treatment for kids can boost the result of communication and speaks skills.

The Tole Neuro Acupuncture are using fine and small needles to puncture the scalp of the skin, it wouldn’t hurt your brain. Neuro Acupuncture can help to flow Qi (energy) in your brain to active the brain cells again. Regenerate the function of the brain cells so that they can send the signal to each others. Chinese Master had a very good experience by using Neuro Acupuncture to treat autism kids. People come from others country just to meet Chinese Master provided intensive treatment for them. After a few session the kids, can slowly talk with other people and have an eye contact with others. Their parent feel so surprised for result, this make them come back every years / everyday.

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